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English Foundation Course Outline


UNIT 1: Language Basics

Lesson 1: Forming Plurals, Greetings and Farewells

Lesson 1, Part A: Singular & Plural

Lesson 1, Part B: Present Progressive, Articles

Lesson 1, Part C: Pronouns

Lesson 2: Present Progressive, Negation

Lesson 2, Part A: Countable Nouns & Uncountable Nouns

Lesson 2, Part B: Direct Objects

Lesson 2, Part C: Negation

Lesson 2, Part D: Forming Questions

Lesson 3: Personal Pronouns, Adjectives

Lesson 3, Part A: Colors & Sizes

Lesson 3, Part B: Pronouns & Professions

Lesson 3, Part C: Questions & Answers

Lesson 4: Direct Objects, Quantity Comparisons

Lesson 4, Part A: Quantities

Lesson 4, Part B: Clothing

Lesson 4, Part C: Questions and Answers

UNIT 2: Greetings And Introductions

Lesson 1: Compound Subjects & Family Relationships

Lesson 1, Part A: Possessive Adjective

Lesson 1, Part B: Family Relationships

Lesson 1, Part C: Ages and Questions

Lesson 2: Nouns, Articles and Prepositions, Syllables

Lesson 2, Part A: In, On and Under

Lesson 2, Part B: Family at home

Lesson 2, Part C: Locations and Ownership

Lesson 3: Personal Pronouns,Titles and Addresses

Lesson 3, Part A: Places & Locations

Lesson 3, Part B: Where are you from?

Lesson 3, Part C: Where do you live?

Lesson 3, Part D: Greetings and Introductions

Lesson 4: Descriptive Adjectives,Predicate Adjectives

Lesson 4, Part A: Physical Attributes

Lesson 4, Part B: Physical States

Lesson 4, Part C: Conversation Dialogue

UNIT 3: Work and School

Lesson 1: Inside and Outside

Lesson 1, Part A: Locations & Times of the Day

Lesson 1, Part B: When, But, Before & After

Lesson 1, Part C: Times of the Day Greetings

Lesson 2: Demonstrative Adjectives, Days of the week

Lesson 2, Part A: Calendar terms

Lesson 2, Part B: Senses & Season

Lesson 2, Part C: With, Visiting

Lesson 3: Simple Present, Punctuation

Lesson 3, Part A: Speaking Languages

Lesson 3, Part B: Teaching & Studying Languages

Lesson 4: Subject and Verb Agreement, Because

Lesson 4, Part A: Waking Up & Washing Up

Lesson 4, Part B: Grooming Habits

Lesson 4, Part C: Why & Because

UNIT 4: Shopping

Lesson 1: Compound Sentences, Need and Want

Lesson 1, Part A: Have & Need

Lesson 1, Part B: Buying & Selling

Lesson 1, Part C: Needs & Wants

Lesson 1, Part D: Using Landmarks to Provide Directions

Lesson 2: Possessive Pronouns, Forming Questions

Lesson 2, Part A: Leisure & Preferred activities

Lesson 2, Part B : Quantity Comparisons & Differentiation

Lesson 2, Part C: Currency & Cost

Lesson 3: Stative Passive, Comparison

Lesson 3, Part A: Materials & Merchandise

Lesson 3, Part B: Buying & Paying

Lesson 3, Part C: Super superlatives

Lesson 4: Category & Aspect, Sameness and Difference

Lesson 4, Part A: Comparing & Contrasting 1

Lesson 4, Part B: Comparing & Contrasting 2

Lesson 4, Part C: Open & Closed

Lesson 4, Part D: Preference

UNIT 5: Travel

Lesson 1:  Prepositions, Pronoun Contractions

Lesson 1, Part A: Current Location

Lesson 1, Part B: Destinations

Lesson 1, Part C: Spatial Relationships

Lesson 2: The Imperative, Ordinal numbers

Lesson 2, Part A: Ordinal Numbers

Lesson 2, Part B : Traveling

Lesson 2, Part C: Directions

Lesson 3: Telling Time, Clock Times

Lesson 3, Part A: Telling Time

Lesson 3, Part B: Arriving and Departing

Lesson 3, Part C: Travel and Distance

Lesson 4: Future Tense, Indefinite Subject Pronoun

Lesson 4, Part A: Can

Lesson 4, Part B: Weather Today

Lesson 4, Part C: Be going to…

UNIT 6: Past and Future

Lesson 1: Verb Tenses, Periods of Time

Lesson 1, Part A: Past Tense

Lesson 1, Part B: Past and Future Tense

Lesson 1, Part C: Past and Future Questions

Lesson 1, Part D: Giving

Lesson 2: Indirect Object Pronouns, Asking for Repetition

Lesson 2, Part A: School Subjects

Lesson 2, Part B : Past and Questions

Lesson 2, Part C: To and For

Lesson 2, Part D: Meaning and Understanding

Lesson 3: Habitual Past, Punctuation

Lesson 3, Part A: Habitual Past

Lesson 3, Part B: When and Was

Lesson 3, Part C: Work Roles

Lesson 4: Present and Past Tenses, Polite Phrases

Lesson 4, Part A: Practice and Simple Past

Lesson 4, Part B: Practice and Questions

Lesson 4, Part C: Manners

UNIT 7: Friends and Social Life

Lesson 1: Direct and Indirect Objects, Calendar Terms

Lesson 1, Part A: Giving Instructions

Lesson 1, Part B: Indirect Objects

Lesson 1, Part C: Beginning and Ending

Lesson 1, Part D: Going and Coming

Lesson 2: Prepositional Phrases, Numbers

Lesson 2, Part A: Social Interactions

Lesson 2, Part B : Social Interactions 2

Lesson 2, Part C: Calendar dates

Lesson 3: Demonstrative Adjectives, Courtesies

Lesson 3, Part A: Parties and Meals

Lesson 3, Part B: Demonstrative Adjectives

Lesson 3, Part C: Requirements and Permission

Lesson 4: Expressing Politeness, Preferences

Lesson 4, Part A: Forms of Good and Bad

Lesson 4, Part B: Busy and Free

Lesson 4, Part C: Apology and Acceptance 

UNIT 8: Dining and Vacation

Lesson 1: Adverb of Degree, Preposition Use

Lesson 1, Part A: Expectations About the Future

Lesson 1, Part B: Asking and Answering

Lesson 1, Part C: Dining In and Dining Out

Lesson 1, Part D: Very

Lesson 2: Negations, Types of Things

Lesson 2, Part A: Music and Art

Lesson 2, Part B : Cities

Lesson 2, Part C: Taking Photos

Lesson 2, Part D: Seek and Find

Lesson 3: Expressing Emotions, Sequencing Events

Lesson 3, Part A: Basic Emotions

Lesson 3, Part B: Staying and Reservation

Lesson 3, Part C: Sequencing

Lesson 4: Possessions, Modal Verbs

Lesson 4, Part A: Vacations

Lesson 4, Part B: Renting and Returning

Lesson 4, Part C: Quantity and Ability

UNIT 9: Home and Health

Lesson 1: Verb Tenses, Imperative Form

Lesson 1, Part A: Spatial Prepositions

Lesson 1, Part B: Verb Tenses

Lesson 1, Part C: Work, Easy, and Difficult

Lesson 1, Part D: Each Other and Looks Like

Lesson 1, Part E: One, Why didn't

Lesson 2: Compound Sentences, Inquiries and Requests

Lesson 2, Part A: Things in the Kitchen

Lesson 2, Part B : Cleaning the House

Lesson 2, Part C: Shower and Bath

Lesson 3: Punctuation, Opposites

Lesson 3, Part A: Exercise

Lesson 3, Part B: Practicing

Lesson 3, Part C: Someone and Sometimes

Lesson 3, Part D: Should

Lesson 4: Expressing Health Needs, Body Language

Lesson 4, Part A: Parts of the Body

Lesson 4, Part B: What happened?

Lesson 4, Part C: Injuries and Ailments

UNIT 10: Life and World

Lesson 1: Relative Pronouns, Compound Words

Lesson 1, Part A: No One, Everyone, Nothing, Everything and Enough

Lesson 1, Part B: Who and That

Lesson 1, Part C: Win and Lose, Although and Probably

Lesson 1, Part D: Do you know…?

Lesson 2: Present Perfect Continuous Tense, Social Conversations

Lesson 2, Part A: Continents

Lesson 2, Part B : Life Events

Lesson 2, Part C: Fear and Hope

Lesson 2, Part D: have been

Lesson 3: Direct and Indirect Speech, Conjunctions

Lesson 3, Part A: Cardinal Directions

Lesson 3, Part B: Forest and Desert

Lesson 3, Part C: What did…say? Hold

Lesson 3, Part D: Possessive Pronouns

Lesson 4: Infinitive Phrases, Look

Lesson 4, Part A: Animals

Lesson 4, Part B: Beautiful, Ugly and Dangerous

Lesson 4, Part C: Hope and Afraid

Lesson 4, Part D: Ownership

UNIT 11: Practical Matters

Lesson 1: Conditional Situations, Gerunds, Reflexive Pronouns - Reflexive use

Lesson 1, Part A: I think that…

Lesson 1, Part B: How did you meet?

Lesson 1, Part C: Present Perfect

Lesson 1, Part D: Gerund, Right/Wrong

Lesson 1, Part E: If…then…

Lesson 2: The Conditional, Syllables and Stress

Lesson 2, Part A: On Vacation, Room and Empty

Lesson 2, Part B : Only, Exchange Currency

Lesson 2, Part C: Carry, Should and Shouldn't

Lesson 2, Part D: The Conditional

Lesson 3: An Interrogative Adverb, Shapes, Close Approximation and Reflexive Pronouns - Intensive Use

Lesson 3, Part A: Fractions

Lesson 3, Part B: Shape, Comparison

Lesson 3, Part C: Measurement and Weight

Lesson 3, Part D: At Least and Almost

Lesson 4: Household and Food Items, Units of Measure

Lesson 4, Part A: tools of the trade

Lesson 4, Part B: Ripe and Rotten, Fresh and Frozen

Lesson 4, Part C: Cooks in the kitchen

UNIT 12: Talking About the World

Lesson 1: Future Tense, Geographic Names

Lesson 1, Part A: Nationalities

Lesson 1, Part B: Political Terminology

Lesson 1, Part C: The Election

Lesson 1, Part D: The Media

Lesson 2: Passive Voice, Quantifiers

Lesson 2, Part A: Language and Business

Lesson 2, Part B : Passive Voice

Lesson 2, Part C: Also, Agreements and Disagreements

Lesson 2, Part D: Really?

Lesson 3: Adverbs, Degree and Quantity

Lesson 3, Part A: Quantity and Affirmations

Lesson 3, Part B: Remembering

Lesson 3, Part C: Learning, Want and Would you like…

Lesson 3, Part D: Have been and Since

Lesson 3, Part E: Again

Lesson 4: Modal Auxiliary verbs, Frequency

Lesson 4, Part A: Celebrating Holidays

Lesson 4, Part B: Describing religious

Lesson 4, Part C: Readiness

Lesson 4, Part D: Talking About the Past

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